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We offer technical support solutions because evolution is ongoing.

This Includes:

  • Onboarding
  • Group Training
  • Help Desk Support
  • IT Maintenance

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Because Evolution Is Ongoing.


Curate 6 premium items that are guaranteed to make each of your recipients feel appreciated. (e.g. Candy, cookie, salty/crunchy, candle, coffee, mug)

Help Desk Support

Make your gifts memorable and personal by tailoring a custom message (e.g. text, photo, video) that is QR code activated and password protected.

Group Training

You get to choose the theme of the gift-unboxing experience by selecting the occasion. (e.g. Seasonal tissue paper, shipping materials, etc. )

IT Maintenance

Gift boxes are easy to browse and order. They are immediately fulfilled and sent directly to the recipients of your choice within a business week.

Frequently asked questions

By launching a free Marketplace on One City Market, you can invite your members to take advantage of these benefits listed above.

In order to launch a Marketplace on One City Market, you can:

  1. Schedule a call with OneCity here
  2. Submit a contact form here
  • Must be a small business that is registered in the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area
  •  Must have a laptop/desktop with internet access and a USB port
  • Must have standard 4×6 shipping labels, a thermal printer and adequate packaging to safely ship products
  • All products submitted must be shippable by UPS standards or available for pickup at a public/physical storefront with 24 hours 
  • Must be able to offer a minimum of 25 units per product submitted
  1. The first step is for your member(s) to sign up for a Storefront Account (This process is free and self-service, but we do offer technical assistance)
  2. Once your member(s) is signed up, they must submit a Placement Request  

Note: This request feature can also be found on any Marketplace Profile here 

As a partner with Downtown Sacramento partnerships, we have proudly taken the Downtown Healthy and Safe Pledge.

Have your voice heard by a real human being!

Please share your excitement, questions, comments or concerns with us using this contact form. 

OneCity can be contacted here.

Receive ongoing
tech support

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Marketplace Account

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  • Marketplace Feature (JoinOneCity.com)
  • Catalog Feature (OneCityMarket.com)
  • Custom Marketplace gift card
  • Branded discount code
  • Access to One City Story services
  • Access to One City Insight services
  • Member cohort training (E-comm)
  • One-on-one technical consulting
  • Account Support (In-Person)

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