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Flat-Rate Pricing

You can sell higher volumes of your products through a Gift Box by joining our pre-approved suppliers list when you offer a flat wholesale rate.

Free Marketing

Your premium products are positioned at the center of special moments and occasions for our customers. Receive shoutouts and features on our social posts, blogs, videos, etc.

Consistent Procurement

We use trending market data to make bulk purchases from a pre-approved list of local suppliers; continuously improving bundles of products.

Hands-Free Shipping

We manage orders, inventory and various styles of fulfillment. You have no need to worry about packing/shipping your products to the end user!

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 Wholesaler SolutionsIncluded Features
Your products included in a GiftBoxx
Direct Wholesale Purchase x
Order Pickup Servicex
Blog, Social Media, Email Featuresx
Support Centerx
Email Supportx


Vendor Account
1% Marketplace Fee

Plus credit card fees: 2.4% + 30¢ USD

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No Monthly Charges

Save over $500 annually when you sign up for your Vendor Account. Instead of paying over $30/mo and platform fees, just pay a 5% Marketplace Fee after your sales are final.

Free brand Awareness

Maximize the exposure of your business by positioning your products in the heart of neighborhoods, districts and marketplaces on a city-wide retail platform.

Free Account Support

For additional support, we provide technical assistance for your Vendor Account and customer service to your customers.

Your E-Comm Starter kit

Whether you're starting from ground zero or not, your One City Starter Kit is an easy and affordable way to receive the marketing and fulfillment resources needed to operate an e-commerce business.

 Vendor SolutionsSponsored Includes
Post Your Products (OneCityMarket.com)x
Sync Your Existing Store (Shopify/WooCommerce) x
District Catalog Featurex
Neighborhood Catalog Featurex
Sales/Fulfillment Performance Reportx
Commission Payout (1 Business Week)x
Vendor Profile Page (JoinOneCity.com)x
Neighborhood Profile Feature (JoinOneCity.com)x
Blog, Social Media, Email Featuresx
Training Videos/FAQsx
Email Supportx
Fee E-Comm Starter Kitx
Sponsorship Subsidized Marketplace Fee (4% more profit)x


Frequently asked questions

You must first complete these steps in order to have your products placed in a StoryBox.

Only physicals products are allowed to be sold through OneCity Market at this time.


View OneCity Market Product Guidelines

One City Market focuses its product offerings on what local shoppers want by listening to feedback. We also focus on local trending consumer behaviors to ensure we are always offering the best and most relent products to our Shoppers. 

We purchase directly from vendors using standard payment methods.

All sales through One City Market are final. In order to refund, return or exchange a product, we require Shoppers to reach out to the Storefront who offered the items to enquire about their return policy. 

View One City Market Return Policy

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